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Rywan 2106 Mini socks Slim X3 Black

Price ₹1,020.00
Availability: 4 In Stock

RYWAN Mini Socks Coolmax Sock for Adults. A thin and light sock that will accompany you on all your daily trips!


- Ankle socks

- Height: ankle

- Reinforcement at heel and toe

- Embroidery in contrasting color

- Ultra thin and breathable fabric

- Optimal moisture

evacuation - Coolmax® Maximizer technology is a resistant fiber

- Heel formed

Rywan 1072 Sock Oxygene ClimaSock Black

Price ₹1,499.00
Availability: 5 In Stock

Oxygen sock Climasocks Rywan

A professional quality product perfectly suited to the imperatives of the high mountains. The Thermocool® Technology optimizes per- formance of your shoes with waterproof-breathable membrane. An anti-compressing high rod

• 4 ventilation sectors for better foot climate

• Hot loop high-density insole top of the toes to the Achilles tendon

• fine Neck hot foot loop to a reduced volume in the shoe

• mesh upper "3-1" anti-compressing * Maille insulation

Made in Italy

Foot dry

right foot left

Rywan 1068 Merino ClimaSocks Red/Blck/Grey

Price ₹1,150.00
Availability: 2 In Stock


4 ventilation areas for better foot climate

Monobloc anatomical reinforcement shield in a thin loop

Morphological flat knit for reduced volume in the shoe


42% Merino Virgin Wool 20.8 Microns, 56% Polyamide, 2% Elastane


Height: Jarrette

Technology: Climasocks®

Thickness: Medium

Fiber Advantage: Merino Wool

Rywan 1498 Bi-Climasocks Randonee Courte Grey

Price ₹1,440.00
Availability: 2 In Stock

The Rywan Bi Climasock Randonnée is a two-ply walking and walking sock with integrated bladder protection and breathable climate zones.

Anti-bladder effect through inner and outer socks. The friction takes place between the two layers of socks, not between foot and shoe.

The inner sock is made of soft breathable Coolmax material and fits like a second skin. The outer sock is made of robust Dryran microfibres and thus dissipates the moisture.

For hiking, climbing, inline skating, ice skating, skiing. In the work boots, hiking boots, mountain boots, inline skaters, skates, ski boots, winter boots, etc.

For better fit with vault-supporting, elastic waistband in the midfoot area and an extra flat toe seam.

Rywan 1498 Bi-Climasocks Randonee Courte Pink/Grey

Price ₹1,440.00
Availability: 3 In Stock


 Sport: Hiking

 Style: Sport


 Main material: Polyamide

 Type of socks: Low socks

 Height: Ankle

 Reinforcements: Heel

 Mesh: Fine

 Details: Compression edges

 Seams: Tone on tone

 Brand Logo: Embroidered

 Logo location: Back

 Patterns: Two-tone

 Composition: 46% Polypropylene - 33% Polyamide - 21% Others *