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Kingcamp KWYF615M Mens Down Jacket

Price ₹4,420.00
Availability: 1 In Stock

Fabric Composition: 100% Nylon

Lining Ingredients: Filling Ingredients: 90% White Duck Down 10% Feather

Selling Point :

1. It is made of KingCamp Defender light20 light and anti-drilling fabric. It has excellent windproof, anti-velvet and water-repellent functions.

2. It is filled with high fluffy duck down to ensure superior warmth performance.

3. The sill zipper adopts KINGCAMP LOGO mold opening zipper. Cloth making lame.

4, independent storage bag, can accommodate the entire garment.

5, overall three-dimensional cut, comprehensively improve wearing comfort and freedom of movement; Size: M-XXXL

Color: Black 0000.

Fabric: 100% Nylon

Function: KingCamp Defender light20, DWR

Kingcamp KW9030M Mens Down Jacket

Price ₹8,798.00
Availability: 1 In Stock

Under 30 degrees, down jacket in the snow and ice

I. Evaluation Product Introduction

      Item No.: KW9030 2013M

      Product Name: Men's Down

      No. Type: 180/968 XL

      Color:Blue Gray 

      Ingredients: Fabric 100% Nylon Lining 100% Nylon

      Cashmere: 90% White Duck Down 10% Feather

      filling amount: 150g                 

      weight: 60KG

      height: 1.70

Kingcamp KWE522M Men's Reverisble Down jacket

Price ₹8,800.00
Availability: 2 In Stock

Point : 1- Use KingCamp Defender light20 High-tech ultra-light super-compact fabric with cationic blended fabric for excellent wind and anti-velvet function;

2- High-fluffy duck down filling to ensure superiority Warmth performance;

3- This product will be light weight to the extreme, zero load for outdoor sports;

4- Use domestic high-quality brand accessories to ensure product durability.

5- Made with a rotating head zipper, it can be used to splicing jackets for inner liners.

Color: Grey Green

Fabric1: 100% Nylon Fabric2: 53% polyester/47% Nylon

Filling: 90% Duck down, 10% Feather

Function: KingCamp Defender light20, DWR