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Skylotec Sit Harness Hight Altitude SC119 Gr.2...

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Suitable for:

Area of ​​use: Mountaineering 

Padding: no


Type:Sit Harness

Ideal For:Boys, Women

Weight Supported:1000kg

Adjustment system: Adjustable thigh loops 

Equipment straps: two flexible loops behind 


Weight reference:in medium size



Skylotec Gym Harness SC113 GYM...

Price ₹6,325.00
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Belt specially designed for the climbing hall. Even accidental attachment to the material carrying straps is no problem, they hold just as much as the binding strap! Very comfortable and wide, even with long slopes.

Comfortable all-round belt with excellent properties

Red tie-in loop 2 gear loops

Adjustable leg straps

Sizes: XS-M/M-XL


Size Chart

size A B

XS-M 66-91cm


M-XL 72-116 cm53-72 cm


Skylotec Harness SC113GYM Gr.3 (M-XL)Black/Orange

Price ₹6,825.00
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Skylotec climbing harness SC113 GYM Gr.3(M-XL)

Particularly suitable for groups and rentals in the climbing and rope garden area.

Four-millimeter padding with 3-D mesh on the inside of the belt for pleasant wearing comfort

Leg loops with load-bearing binding tape construction

Safety even in the event of binding errors : In addition to the two material loops, also keeps the connection between leg loops and rope loop 15kN insertion pocket on the back of the belt for easy identification color-contrasting seam patterns that allow easy visual inspection of the material

left/right marking of the leg loops

Marked tie-in loop

individual size adjustment through four clasps.

Product details:

Hip circumference (M-XL): 660-1010mm

Permissible maximum weight: 100kg


Skylotec Body Harness SC101 GSC-0101 Black/Orange

Price ₹5,450.00
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The SC101 GEKKO improves the Climbing Safety for Children by leading in a central sternal Ring.

With 60 years of experience in producing industrial safety harnesses, SKYLOTEC invented and patented this construction already in 2002.

The benefits are, that the harness is closed also without being linked to the rope and fits close to the body. It can be worn safe without slipping. In case of belaying the child, the Ring only has to be linked to the rope.

Supervisors can easily see if the harness is attached correctly. Belaying is going to be eased. In case of connecting with a carabiner, there is no risk of diagonal loading it.