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Kingcamp KA6806 Tri-Fold Shovel Big

Price ₹1,450.00
Availability: Out of stock

Product Specification

Handle:Stainless Steel



Size/Dimension:57x15x6cm/22.44x5.91x2.36 inches

Grip Type:increased leverage

Packaging Type:Packed in nylon pouch



Finishing:Stainless Steel

Packaging Size:9.45inches/24cm

Shape:anodized shaft

Material:Stainless Steel

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Kingcamp KA3105 Tri-Fold Shovel Small

Price ₹1,225.00
Availability: Out of stock

Quick Overview

1.Can be used in various military, hunting, survival, tactical, industrial and outdoor situations. Rugged and reliable design.

2.The handle features an open design, giving you room for a firm grip and increased leverage.

3.Lightweight and tough. Foldable for easy storage and all products are field tested.

4.Anodized shaft. Ergonomic handle made of steel. Durable and sturdy body.

5.Includes nylon draw string bag.

Material(s):Anodized Aluminum


Blade Size:20.5*15cm(8.07*5.9inch)

Best Use:Camping

Weight:(lbs)1.50 to 2.99



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Kingcamp KA3659 Foot pump

Price ₹1,000.00
Availability: 1 In Stock

Quick Overview

1. DUAL FUNCTION: The foot pump provides extra fast inflation and deflation.

2. ENERGY-CONSERVING: The foot-operated pump makes it possible to inflate and deflate air mattresses and other inflatable items quickly and easily.

3. EASY TO USE: The pump is foot-operated and comes with a durable bellows, supplied with non-kink hose and three nozzles to suit for most of the valve port.

4. SAFE AND STABLE: Made of durable PP and PVC. It can stable on the ground for safe use.

5. COMPACT: It collapses to fit under kayak decks or boat seats, dimensions 10.43 × 7.48 × 2.87 inches.


Pump Type:Floor Pump

Best Use:Camping

Weight:(lbs)1 to 1.49



Kingcamp KA3658 Solar shower

Price ₹1,000.00
Availability: 2 In Stock

Quick Overview

1. WARM WATER SUPPLIER: Without fire, without butane gas, you can also get warm water just because of the great SUN.

2. ENJOY YOUR TIME: You dont have to spare time especially to prepare warm water. Just fill it with water, lay it on plat surface, and expose it to direct sunlight.

3. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The handle is strong for reliable hanging and carrying.

5. HOLDS 5.28 GALLONS: Enough water for multiple showers.


Storage Size:31.8x15.5x5cm/12.52x6.1x1.97inches(LxWxH)

Hanging Cord Approx:2M/78.74inches


Liquid Capacity:(fl. oz.)84.5

Material(s):Durable PVC, non-toxic

Best Use:Camping

Weight:(lbs)0.5 to 0.99

Weight:346.5g/0.96 lbs


Kingcamp KA3615 Emergency blanket

Price ₹238.00
Availability: Out of stock


1. Made of PVC, light weight

2. Rescue Blanket provides compact emergency protection in any weather condition

3. Retains/ reflects 90% of body heat

4. Waterproof and weatherproof


MATERIAL(S):PVC aluminum


SET SIZE:220×130cm/86.6×51.2inches

BEST USE:Camping

WEIGHT (LBS):0 to 0.49



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Deuter Streamer thermo bag 3L

Price ₹1,250.00
Availability: Out of stock

Keep your Streamer cool in summer and hot in winter with this insulating bag. The capacity has been increased to 3 liters, so that even large bladders will fit. The Thermo Bag can be carried either inside your pack or on the outside. Side loops enable attachment to the outside using the pack compression straps. Also suitable for drink bottles and food. Reflecting foil liner.

Product Dimensions:17.3x9.4x0.8inches



Volume:3 Liter




Zipper closure:0.8"high:9.4"wide

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Rywan Commpeed Anti-Ampoules Stick White

Price ₹500.00
Availability: 2 In Stock


Protects against rubbing;

9 out of 10 customers state that blisters are prevented;

Creates an invisible film;

Suitable for the feet and other areas that suffer from excessive rubbing.

How to Use

Apply Compeed Anti Blister Stick whenever needed to prevent excessive rubbing on the skin. Do not use on blisters or open wounds.