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N-rit Snock Kick Brown/Blue/Orange

Price ₹5,000.00
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-rit  Snow Kick 13 NRC90

There are three colors: brown, blue and orange.

Size S (230 ~ 250), M (255 ~ 275), There are three types of L (280 ~ 300).

Even at 60 degrees below zero

Excellent cold resistance and flexibility

By applying ergonomic design

Easy and fast to wear

Easy to use for shoes

40% lighter than existing products

Good for long distance hiking

It is called ultra-lightweight crampons. 

Connecting the rubber band and the peak

Stainless steel chain rings

Made of double structure

Durable and durable

It is a packed Eisen.

Hiking, sneakers, shoes

It's an easy-to-use crampons

Climbing as well as on ice roads

It can be useful.