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KingCamp KWA507 new autumn and winter jacket couple models Cayenne using white goose filler, fibrous tissue thin, soft, long , can bulkiness best state , velvet (flower-like feather) and feather (gross) of as high as 90/10 , with unbelievable warmth, absorb human emissions of heat flow, cut off from the outside world invasion of cold air , a very short time to form warm layer around the body, helping to resist the winter cold, to ensure that human warmth.

The best bulkiness and warmth protection is not equal to bloated, KingCamp fabric is made of 100% nylon, which feels stiff and uses a classic design to bind the down filling to ensure the beauty of the human body. The color design is navy, black (male), deep purple, black (female models), classic color choice with classic design style, to create a generous, stable look, and the market's popular bright down jacket is completely separate, especially suitable for 25-40 Old office workers are wearing.

KingCamp2012 autumn and winter new large-scale use of the Protection Defender series of technology, Cayenne down jacket is also under the protection of the Golden Shield, fabric 40D ultra light wear-resistant, while having water repellent, anti-drilling, wind and breathability, which makes it more It is more protective in general down jackets.

Using KingCamp Shield protection systems ( Protection Defender ) family of technology products needed by weavers self-test , KingCamp laboratory testing, the internationally renowned testing organization ITS authoritative testing three detection systems rigorous testing , all test data have been effectively protected , accuracy No need to doubt .

Give you warmth, KingCamp down jacket can do it.

What is the standard for a good down jacket? Let you go outdoors without feeling cold, not too thick and not too bloated, crowded bus car will not rub someone a feather ...... To achieve these goals, you have to master the 5 pick selection criteria.

1 , look at the filler first

The category of the filler is indicated in the tag of the down jacket, which is generally divided into goose down or duck down. Goose down is better than duck down content of the same warm , the price is also relatively expensive, because the larger and more mature birds who will collect feathers to keep warm.

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